What Does RCJ Stand For?

What does B and D mean sexually?

bondage and disciplineabbreviation.

bondage and discipline: used in reference to practices involving physical restraint and punishment, especially in a sexual encounter or relationship..

What is RCJ?

RCJ is a common abbreviation for. Royal Courts of Justice in the Strand in London, England. Royal Courts of Justice, Belfast in Chichester Street in Belfast, Northern Ireland. Rogationists of the Heart of Jesus, a Catholic religious order.

What does FWD mean in dating?

Usually, friends with benefits (a.k.a. FWB) means that people who know each other engage in intimate/sexual activity without really dating each other.

What does KRE stand for?

KREAcronymDefinitionKREKorea Research EnvironmentKREKeffalas Real Estate, IncKREKey Results ExpectedKREKarl Real Estate6 more rows

What does BBM mean sexually?

behaviourally bisexual menWe consider the potential of behaviourally bisexual men (BBM) as a bridge population in sexually transmitted infection (STI)/HIV transmission by comparing sexual risk behaviours, attitudes and sexual health outcomes of BBM (defined as men who reported sex with men and women), with men who reported (i) exclusively male …